The modern woman

Modern Woman

Ok you asked for it…so here it is.

In my last post I articulated my thoughts on the modern men of today… in this post I will give you my perception of the modern woman.

Woman are becoming harder to please our expectations are too high and far to unattainable. We expect the world but don’t want to reciprocate the effort. ¬†While we demand attention, when we get it, it either isn’t good enough or it is too much… we can’t be pleased.

We don’t give men second chances and we are far too judgemental… we compare every new date with the last and are happy to tell you when you aren’t pleasing us.

We are unforgiving and demanding.

The modern woman is too fussy… we don’t want hook ups or texts but we don’t want to be smothered.

We judge men for being unfaithful but we are more than happy to accept some attention and flirt with married or taken men… quick to criticise but we need to practice what we preach.

Gone are the days of staying at home tending to our mans every need… we can be too competitive in work and love…

I think the modern woman is guilty of texting too much…we get the courage to lead you down the garden path behind the keyboard but when it comes to putting it into action we are no where to be found.

We take much more than we give…

Women seem to have¬†less boundaries…

We sacrifice what we believe in when we love someone…a detrimental trait…for when there are no boundaries there are no solid foundations.


The Modern Man

modern man

I have been on dates with many different men, all very different… Different personalities, jobs, lifestyles, bank accounts and looks. Yet it seems there is one recurring similarity all these men seem to share.

They have become what I dub the ‘modern man’. Chilvry is a thing of the past and dating has become more of a ‘hook up’. Dinner and a movie is a rare event instead we get texts asking for a casual drink on a Friday after work with his mates.

Men have lost the confidence to call, they take the easy way out knowing texting has now become the accepted form of communication. Many younger women in their 20’s haven’t even experience a real date… the casual hook up is becoming the new date.

With less one on one communication do you ever truly get to know someone?

Men who understand the importance of picking up the phone are far and few in-between…. This is why single women in there mid twenties to early thirties are out numbering the single blokes. We have high expectations that aren’t being met.

Unfortunately for the modern man monogamy is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of ‘until death do us part’. It’s been replaced with ‘until I find someone better’. Turn your back for a minute and your man is already lining up his next target. Even the most faithful of men in the most loving relationships. Dangle the bait and they can’t say no.

It is a vicious circle … no effort from men, means more single women… which gives the men in relationships more temptation to cheat…

Of course there are exceptions to the rule… but as women we need to stand strong with what we believe in and never settle for less.