The modern woman

Modern Woman

Ok you asked for it…so here it is.

In my last post I articulated my thoughts on the modern men of today… in this post I will give you my perception of the modern woman.

Woman are becoming harder to please our expectations are too high and far to unattainable. We expect the world but don’t want to reciprocate the effort.  While we demand attention, when we get it, it either isn’t good enough or it is too much… we can’t be pleased.

We don’t give men second chances and we are far too judgemental… we compare every new date with the last and are happy to tell you when you aren’t pleasing us.

We are unforgiving and demanding.

The modern woman is too fussy… we don’t want hook ups or texts but we don’t want to be smothered.

We judge men for being unfaithful but we are more than happy to accept some attention and flirt with married or taken men… quick to criticise but we need to practice what we preach.

Gone are the days of staying at home tending to our mans every need… we can be too competitive in work and love…

I think the modern woman is guilty of texting too much…we get the courage to lead you down the garden path behind the keyboard but when it comes to putting it into action we are no where to be found.

We take much more than we give…

Women seem to have less boundaries…

We sacrifice what we believe in when we love someone…a detrimental trait…for when there are no boundaries there are no solid foundations.


6 thoughts on “The modern woman

  1. You star! This is exactly what I was thinking. We do expect too much, we are demanding and fussy but I’m not about to change. For the first time in history it is the women who hold the power on the dating scene – I just wish more ladies realised that. I perceive myself to be strong and independent – I don’t NEED a man and therefore I’m not prepared to settle for anything less than my Mr Right.

  2. I’ve suspected this of myself for quite a long time. So recently I’ve been making it a point to be more…open…flexible…stay strong…focused. Is it working? Well, still looking but having a much better time on the search AND feeling way better about myself 🙂 Thanks for typing what I’m sure we all know deep down!

  3. I can’t say that I disagree with any of the things that you have said here, but I also don’t think that any of them are negative. Well, not super negative anyway. I pride myself in being flirty because I think that it is a sign of confidence. I think that is the turn on men everywhere to cater to our every need for a little while.

  4. LOVE this! When we get so caught up in what we are looking for we run into a few dangers. Number one: we don’t get to enjoy who we are with. Number two, we end up imagining that the person we are with is who we are looking for and end up married to them and 20 years late going “who the hell are you!!” and they reply, truthfully, “I guess not who you imagined me to be.!”

  5. *Sigh* I cannot argue with your observations. I’m glad you tore down the modern man too. We all need to learn something from how our grandparents courted; there was an element of respect that is missing these days in men and women’s relations.

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