How do you know when you’re ready???




Dating can be daunting especially if you have been out of the game for a while.

There are a few sure signs to know whether you are ready to face the lions den. Dating can be tough and I hate to be the barer of bad news but disappointment is almost a certainty.

So here are a few tips…

You must be over your ex

Searching for a rebound is not the way to date. You will always be looking to compare your date with your ex. And a word of advice… if you are still in love with your ex no one will compare, so you will always fall short.

Sometimes it will keep you distracted for short periods of time. But I find activities like exercise, drinks with friends, and even knitting better than trying to date while you are on the rebound.

It is important that you are comfortable in your own skin, you know your boundaries and what you want out of a new relationship before you jump in to one. You past relationship broken up for a reason… don’t forget this… so accept, learn, and apply your new found knowledge to the right man not a rebound man.

You must have an open mind

Dating is about discovery… and during discovery phases you won’t always find what you are looking for. You need to date without judgement and expectation. Sometimes the best dates are the unexpected unplanned dates.

Use your heart not your brain

Women especially have a tendency to over think situations. If you are thinking too much then they’re never bound to meet your list of expectations. The heart is much more forgiving… you can do the thinking later.

Ease into it

Don’t rush… you don’t need to date numerous men at once. Spend time with each date and find out if there is potentially. Often if you date too many men at once it just gets confusing and you can’t focus on what you want and who you want it with.



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